John BoneeJohn L. Bonee III, a partner at BoneeWeintraub, writes about his time as Connecticut Bar Association delegate, efforts to reform the CBA’s structure, and subsequent innovations that benefited its members.

Twenty years ago, when completing my duties as Hartford County Bar Association president, I ran for the Connecticut Bar Association’s House of Delegates from Hartford’s District 12. Esteemed CBA Past-President Ralph Elliot kindly advised me that my service would be the closest he could imagine to a Gulag Archipelago expressly for lawyers. Since I was concurrently HCBA’s representative to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, I concluded I was in for a double whammy.


With a wink, Ralph offered the following: “Remember, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Good advice; unfortunately, what turned out to be broken was multilayered, unexpected and profoundly serious.

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