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We provide a safety net of caring attorneys to guide you…

We are practiced family lawyers and can help you with family-related domestic issues from marriage, divorce and child rearing to caring for elderly parents or seeking guardianship for a family member in need.

Our goal is to protect your rights, focus on the important issues and preserve family relationships when possible. Often emotional in nature, we strive to settle matters out-of-court and amicably. If this is not possible, the matter can be settled in Family Court or through mediation. There are many remedies, claims and relief which can be sought in your behalf. Finding and knowing the right expert is critical in this field.

Family law can be complicated and make you feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. Often times your routine changes and your financial stability, home, school and work are at risk. BoneeWeintraub provides a safety net of caring attorneys and staff to guide you through the process. We are a supportive team that will help you evaluate your best options to maintain control over important decisions affecting you and your family.


[box] Our services: Adoptions and SurrogacyAlimony and Child SupportChild Abuse and AbductionChild Custody and VisitationCo-Habitation AgreementsCollaborative Divorces and AnnulmentsCriminal Charges / Disposition Related to Family LawJuvenile AdjudicationLegal SeparationMarriage, Civil Unions and Domestic PartnershipsName ChangePaternity IssuesPost-Divorce ModificationPre-Marital AgreementsProperty Settlements[/box]



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