Decisions about a loved one’s declining health can leave you and your family feeling overwhelmed. Turning to an estate planning lawyer to help wade through the process can be beneficial to manage expectations, financial burdens and more.
A will is not something many of us want to think about. However, a will can bring security to your life. Putting your wishes in writing for your loved ones can alleviate the confusion and grief process for them by providing clear plans about how you wish your assets to be divided.
Whether you ride your bicycle on roads in Connecticut every day, or simply once in awhile on weekends, you need to remember that the road can be a dangerous place.
The typical small business structure can often be stressful and chaotic, which stems from a lack of procedures, agreements and systems. You want your privately owned business, including a family owned business, to operate smoothly and concentrate your time on selling what you are in business to sell.
You have owned a vacation home for many years and it has become a special place. Family gatherings with children, grandchildren and friends have made lasting memories. As the family grows and needs change, a new challenge lies as we look down the road to the future.
You and your spouse have decided to get divorced. There are a lot of emotions: fear, shock, maybe relief, and some confusion. How do you navigate this process?
Car accidents are common and can happen at any time, from minor fender-benders to larger accidents with high medical costs.
It is never easy starting a business. There are numerous considerations that come to mind when you start talking about launching a business on your own.
Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or...